Yang's Table Tennis Club is proudly sponsored by Butterfly

Yang’s Table Tennis Academy is proudly sponsored by Butterfly
Brant Chen (left) Coach Yang (center)  Brian Hu (Right)

Yang’s Table Tennis Academy is dedicated to helping serious players of all levels achieve their individual fitness and professional goals. For serious professional juniors and elite players we aim to develop your game so that you achieve a spot on the US Olympic Team, US National Team, or US Junior/Cadet Team.

We’re also committed to developing your game no matter your level of skill or athletic goals. Whether you’re a tournament player looking to win local titles & improve your USATT rating, or a recreational player seeking to benefit from the many positive health effects of table tennis; we’re here to help you achieve your goals.

Table tennis promotes both physical and emotional well-being, improves energy, coordination, and balance – in addition to being a particularly fun way to live a happy and healthy life!