New Group Lesson Program

A clinical neuroscientist, Dr. Daniel Amen called table tennis the best brain sport. As a complex game of mind, soul and body, table tennis is one of the most beneficial sports, improving mental and physical condition alike. Everybody can benefit from table tennis, which makes a tennis table an excellent investment for your kids’ well-being. The development of hand-eye coordination and relaxation of eyes are particularly pivotal for young kids.

To attract more kids to learn how to play the sport the right way, Atlanta International Table Tennis Academy (AITTA) is now offering an incredibly flexible and affordable group lesson program for young beginners, age 6-15. They will learn the right racket grip methods, ball bouncing skills, basic body positioning, forehand drive, backhand drive, ball serves and basic foot work. There are no short of fun activities built within a class.

We encourage kids take at least two to three classes a week. Within a year, an average player should be able to perform forehand and backhand drive strokes automatically and have a counter ball rally 30 times or above, have two to three serves.

Group lessons are offered Three times a week, each lesson lasts for one hour long. The rate is $99/month,The rates and class schedule are in the table below:


Class schedule Monday 7pm-8pm Tuesday 7pm-8pm Friday 7pm-8pm


The new group lesson program will start in April this year. We are now accepting applicants, maximum class size is ten players with one coach. Please contact coach Liu at our academy or by phone at 678-469-0650

8 Benefits of Table Tennis – Good for the Body, the Mind and the Soul

Table tennis is a really complex physical activity, beneficial for the player in more than one way. Ping pong can efficiently develop a great number of skills, like flexibility, strength, speed or endurance, to mention just a few, while also enhancing blood circulation and being beneficial for the brain and for many organs. Let’s see each benefit in more detail.

  1. Improving Flexibility

The ping pong ball and the paddle you use for hitting it are relatively small compared to the size of the area your hit needs to cover, which means that the players need to stretch their arms, legs and back muscles to be able to hit the ball back.

  1. Facilitating Weight Loss

Table tennis is able to burn an incredible amount of calories in a very short time. Beginners can burn about 200-250 calories an hour, but more advanced players can get rid of 400-600 calories in one single hour of hitting the tiny, hollow ball.

  1. Developing and Improving Motor Skills and Balance

Table tennis is an excellent form of physical activity if you want to be sure that your kid’s motor skills are developing at the right pace, and it is beneficial for adults and older people who are looking for ways to improve coordination and balance.

  1. Improving Concentration and Brain Function

Have you ever seen a table tennis game played by professionals? Have you noticed the incredibly deep concentration when they hit the ball, following every inch of the space it covers? Recent studies have shown that due to its quality of helping the brain invigorate, ping pong significantly improves concentration and it can be successfully used for ameliorating the symptoms experienced by patients of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, the sport contributing greatly to keeping these patients alert and active, and doing the same for healthy people as well.

  1. Strengthening the Muscles

Table tennis works all the core muscles of the body, strengthening them quickly:

  • You need to do a lot of bending to get the ball, which works your back and abdomen;
  • You will do lateral twists as well, which will train your abdominal side muscles;
  • You will hit the ball with a hand-held paddle, which will strengthen your arms and shoulders;
  • You will run around the table for the ball, which will strengthen you legs and train your joints.
  1. Improving the Cardiovascular System and Beneficial for Your Organs

Playing table tennis is a cardiovascular and aerobic activity with great beneficial effects not only for the joints and muscles, but also over the internal organs:

  • Swift movements will make you breathe quickly, which improves lung efficiency and capacity;
  • It raises the heart rate of the player, thus strengthening the heart;
  • As an aerobic activity, it helps rejuvenate the blood vessels by oxygenizing the body and it facilitates the improved oxygenation of the brain as well, by pumping more fresh blood into it.
  • According to certain studies, ping pong is able to improve eyesight.
  1. High Intensity Physical Activity with a Very Low Risk of Getting Injured.

Table tennis can be played more slowly or more intensely – it is completely up to the player. It is a low-impact form of exercise, which means that it involves the lowest possible risk of injuries of all ball games, making it very suitable for elderly people and enjoyable at any level of fitness.

  1. A Great Aid for Stress Relief

Playing table tennis is an intense physical activity and it does not lack passion either, making it perfect for relaxing your mind after a stressful day at the office. An excellent means to blow off some steam, ping pong can relieve stress and ameliorate the symptoms of depression as well. The act of hitting the ball with the paddle in itself is able to stimulate the brain to release endorphin and to promote feelings of satisfaction and happiness. Another feature of table tennis through which it is able to reduce stress levels is that it distracts the players completely from stress factors coming from the external world.

Table tennis is also extraordinary interval training, implying the rapid succession of movements of different intensity over a relatively short period of time, teaching your body to adapt to different levels of stress and making you able to approach stressful situations with more calm.


As a complex game of mind, soul and body, table tennis is one of the most beneficial sports, improving mental and physical condition alike. Everybody can benefit from table tennis, which makes a tennis table an excellent investment for your well-being. The range of table tennis tables available today is really wide, so anybody can find the table that fits their budget – all you need is a place to set up the table, a few balls and a paddle. So what are you waiting for? Start searching for a ping pong table and reap all the benefits mentioned above!